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Digital Business Opportunity Management

Qualitative Research Engagement

Challenge:  Organizations typically fail to collect input from business groups/users about how effective the organization is at using data and what specific business challenges should be targeted.

QLR is a marketing research approach used to derive a current business vision on the company’s expectations and abilities to leverage data to drive business outcomes.

Digital Business Opportunity Workshops (DBOW) 

Challenge:  Organizations rarely have a formal, defined process for generating business questions that business users would like to see answered by their data, and measuring the results of the outcomes.

DBOW provides business participants with a specific process to generate candidate business questions to be answered through digital governance cycles.

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Quantitative Research Engagement

Challenge:  Organizations do not have an effective mechanism to validate their digital vision and goals across the wider organization beyond the executives and key business stakeholders.

QTR approach uses defined questions and provides respondents with parameters to establish majority viewpoints within different business units and across the organization as a while.

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