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About  DigitalOpz

Our Company

DigitalOpz Inc.  is a specialized consulting services firm that
focuses on Digital Business Management (DBM), a category in data and analytics that we created to address the widespread need for a true business-centric process squarely focused on delivering data-driven business outcomes and enabling Digital Transformation.   Included under the DBM umbrella is our unique Digital Governance Program practice, which represents a re-imagining of the concept of data governance into a new approach designed to attract committed business leadership and participation from the outset, and enable a genuine collaboration between Business and IT groups to deliver defined business value for investments made in data projects.

The “Opz” in DigitalOpz represents three distinct                 areas of business focus:  

OPERATIONALIZING Digital Transformation Strategies

Eliciting and delivering Digital Business OPPORTUNITIES

Performing Digital DataOPS to support data-driven business initiatives

Our People

The business and technical principals of  DigitalOpz Inc.  jointly comprise a team of highly experienced data and analytics strategists and practitioners, several of whom have done pioneering work in the data governance space in Canada working with the initial wave of IT-based data governance solutions such as Collibra, Alation, Informatica and ERwin.  

From the business perspective, this includes expertise in practices around marketing, sales and business processes, whereas the technical expertise encompasses data warehousing, solution architecture, and the full breadth of data management processes
from ETL to MDM.  

The common bond between them is a firm belief in the critical need to connect data initiatives directly to business results.  This is why many of our internal collaborations have met in the area of analytics, and further evolved into the realm of data governance.

Our Values

At DigitalOpz our core mission is simply stated as “Be Authentic.”  We chose this because we believe that the most happy and productive employees are those who have the freedom to bring themselves and their own unique perspective and value into their work.  We value this diversity as we know that it makes our firm and our clients’ projects more successful.  

To support this ambition, we have established the following set of values that represent our effort to make this mission tangible to employees and clients,
and therefore achievable:

B   best practices

E    education

A   always be learning

U   understand the tangible business value

T   trust in transparency

 help everyone to succeed together

E    empathize before you act

N   notice the small things

T   think big

   innovate in small, quick cycles 

C   commit to deliver on time and on budget

Our Challenge to Clients

Our Digital Governance Fabric (DGF) represents the culmination of more than a year of work in defining requirements and evaluating emerging technologies to address the critical gaps that we had identified in commercially available data governance solutions.  

We are not given to hyperbole, but after deep review and testing involving our brightest technology minds, we believe that our resulting DGF genuinely represents a revolutionary advance for any organization’s ability to deliver data-driven business outcomes and enable Digital Transformation in a predictable, measurable and cost-justified manner based on projected ROI.  

Seeing is believing as they say, so we challenge you to suspend your “too good to be true” impulse, and instead challenge us to prove it.  

We are so confident in our value proposition for you that we have included our pricing openly on our website, and we look forward to "blowing your minds" as ours have been, should you choose to trust us with the opportunity.

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