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Digital Business Management

Enabling Digital Transformation through our innovative Digital Governance Fabric

Digital Transformation Challenges

of Digital Transformation initiatives fail to deliver any business value

of Data Governance Programs do not assess, measure or monitor the program's business outcomes


is the average amount that poor data quality costs organizations every year

Identify, assess, value and prioritize real-world business use cases for investment in actual data-driven business outcomes

Connect data management processes to business outcomes and fix and enhance data in real-time to support the delivery, tracking and measurement of digital business results

Allow Analytics Team members to focus their efforts on finding new data insights by entrusting a focused and efficient team with handling supporting data and analytics processes

Our process maximizes investment efficiency
through short cycles that iterate based on
the delivery of specific, measurable ROI

DigitalOpz has designed our

Digital Business Opportunity Management process to help organizations elicit candidate real-world business questions that can be documented, assessed, and prioritized according to their potential to deliver positive business impacts in the areas of growth, risk and efficiency

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We know how to address the critical challenge of engaging Business participants to deliver actual data-driven business outcomes


DigitalOpz has re-imagined

data governance to address the widespread lack of business results of these initiatives and created Digital Governance, a new program truly led and driven by Business participants to deliver tangible business outcomes from data investments. At the core of this program is our revolutionary Digital Governance Fabric technology.

We have a closed-loop, end-to-end Data Management  technology to integrate and fix  data quickly and easily

DigitalOpz has created our

Digital DataOps Service Bureau to provide organizations with a dedicated team of experts to monitor, investigate and fix repetitive problems in data and analytics.  We help you to maintain data that is accurate and trusted to enable the business to deliver on its digital transformation ambitions in a cost-effective and timely manner


Put control over data quality and data-driven insights back in the hands of Business with full support and collaboration from IT.

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